Kia Stinger

Kia Stinger

  • Exterior color
  • Interior
  • Engine capacity
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Power
  • Transmission
  • 0 to 100km
    4.7 SEK.
  • Drive
  • Boot space
  • Number of seats
  • Sound system
The Stinger awakens the emotions of sporty driving. The dynamic 3.3 V6 engine makes your heart beat faster. The chameleon color adds extra color! The interior is a tasteful combination of sportiness and elegance. Active exhalation arouses additional emotions!
Car rental Kia Stinger
Car rental Kia Stinger
Car rental Kia Stinger
Car rental Kia Stinger
Car rental Kia Stinger
Car rental Kia Stinger
1-3 days 649 zł/day
4-7 days 599 zł/day
8-14 days 549 zł/day
15+ days 499 zł/day
long-term from 6499 zł/month
events from 300 zł/h
Deposit 2499zł

Every moment behind the wheel provides unforgettable sports emotions. Kia Stinger with 4-wheel drive means maximum control of the vehicle and confident handling. The 3.3 T-GDi V6 410HP engine makes your heart beat faster. Designed for pure driving pleasure and a sporty sensation at the highest level.


Services in the UVO app
Find the information you need and control your car remotely – using your smartphone.

On-board services
Stay up-to-date – simple and hassle-free.

Everything in sight
You will find all the necessary information right in front of you – whenever you need it.

Vehicle environment monitoring system with 360˚ camera
When everything is clearly visible, parking is pure pleasure.

Harman Kardon® audio system
The highest sound quality will make your journey pleasant.


DRIVE WiSE are modern solutions that help detect potential road hazards and avoid the risk of a collision. Using them increases safety while driving and makes the time spent behind the wheel of the Stinger a pleasure. (8)

Active cruise control derived from navigation
Always at the right pace to your destination

Driver fatigue notification system
There are no compromises when it comes to being vigilant behind the wheel. When the Stinger notices that you are distracted, it will remind you to take a break in your journey.

Autonomous Braking System with Left Turn Assist
Advanced detection of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians in front of the vehicle.

Blind Spot Monitor with Correction (BCA)
It warns of vehicles in the blind spot and, if necessary, triggers the braking process of specific wheels, returning the car to its lane.

Highway Driving Assistant (HDA)
More technology to help you stay on course on the highways.

Intelligent Character Recognition Assistant (ISLA)
Designed to automatically adjust your speed to the current limits.

Oncoming Collision Avoidance Assist When Reversing (RCCA)
Warns of oncoming cars when reversing and applies the brakes if necessary.

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