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How can I rent a car?
To rent a car, call +48 58 733 50 50 or write to us at You can also use the quick VIP booking by phone: +48 507 1111 88. Then, choose the car and the rental date, pay the deposit and the rental fee in advance, and pick up the car at the agreed location.
Can I rent a car with a driver?
Yes. We rent cars with a driver for various special events such as weddings, stag and hen parties, business meetings, and many other special events. For more information go the special events tab. Contact:, +48 507 1111 66
What is the minimum and maximum rental period for a car?
The minimum rental period is 1 day, which is counted from the moment of renting a car for 24 hours until the next day. The maximum rental period is not specified, and it is not limited.
Do cars have a mileage limit? What documents are needed to rent a car?
No, the cars have no mileage limit and one can drive them freely within the agreed time.
Do I have full insurance as part of the rental fee?
Yes, all our cars have a full OC and AC insurance (OC – third-party liability, AC – accident and theft insurance)
Is there a minimum age for the driver?
Yes, the minimum driver age in our rental company is 21.
Can I extend my car rental?
Yes, the rental can be extended at any time, unless the car has already been booked at that time.
Who pays for the petrol?
All cars are delivered to you with a full tank and such should also be returned. The person renting the car bears the entire cost of petrol. If the car returns not refuelled, its cost will be deducted from the deposit in accordance with Terms & Conditions.
For what purpose is the deposit charged?
The deposit is charged as a precaution against violation of Terms & Conditions of car rental, for example by smoking in the car, not returning the car at the agreed time and to the agreed place, losing the keys or documents, not refuelling the car or not washing the car, and other similar.
Where can I pick up and return the car?

We deliver cars to a doomed place throughout the European Union. Return of cars in accordance with the contract.
Is it possible to order additional services?
Yes, we offer i.a, a telephone with Polish phone number, internet access, modem, and other as needed. We can also deliver the selected car to the agreed place. In order to arrange the details, please call our hotline or contact us by e-mail at least 48 hours before renting a car. In case of non-standard needs, we reserve the right to refuse to provide an additional service.
Can I smoke in the car?
No, smoking is prohibited.
Can animals be transported in the car?
Yes, but only in the appropriate containers for the transported animals.
Can another person drive the car?
No, the only person who can drive the car is the person who rents it.
Where am I allowed travel around in the rented car?
You are allowed to drive the car in the territory of Poland, and if agreed, in the EU (notification should be delivered to our hotline at least 48 hours before the planned departure from Poland).
What to do in the event of a breakdown or accident?
In the event of a breakdown, accident, or any other unforeseeable circumstances, please contact our hotline immediately.
What to do if the car has been damaged before the rental started?
Any noticed damage should be reported by phone, email or in person before the rental starts.
What should be the condition of the returned car?
The returned car should be in the same condition as it was when rented. Keys, documents, and a remote control for leaving the garage must be placed in the same places as they were before renting. The vehicle cannot have any damage. It must be refuelled and washed (at hand car wash – washing the car in an automatic car wash is prohibited).

How to rent a car?


Go to the Booking form


Select a car and specify the number of days


Pay for the order and enjoy the journey

Fill in the booking form. Don't hesitate!